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Savi Seafoods is a seafood export and import company based in New York with buying operations spanning from the Canadian provinces to the Caribbean. Established in 2006, Savi Seafood's roots stemmed from the owner's 5+ years with hands on experience working on vessels at sea. 10+ years were spent employed as an agent involved in the development, education, handling and distribution of exportable seafood products for various companies worldwide.

Each year all required permits for the purchase, international trade and sales of various seafood products are applied for and held by Savi Seafoods with strict administrative effort placed on our part to ensure all documents are current and up to the required Federal Standards of our fishing industry.

  • Supply: Savi Seafoods has placed itself into an industry with extremely limited competition due to the uniqueness of the product. Bluefin Tuna are a prized commodity, valued throughout the world. Relationships we have developed with multiple suppliers will ensure continued supply of this desirable seafood product for years to come.
  • Marketing: Having contacts in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan creates a diverse customer base and gives us the flexibility to sell into several markets as fluctuations in both supply and demand as well as in foreign currencies deem it necessary.

Having a diverse product line including: swordfish, tuna, shark, mahi-mahi and halibut allows us to emphasize on individual products at certain times of the year when sales prove most profitable. Having several products to offer to our customers creates diversity and strength from both a buying and selling perspective.

Savi Seafoods aims to continuously maintain a unique niche in a global seafood environment in the form of the handling, packaging and distribution of high end, fresh seafood products both domestically and internationally. Having a superior product available at a competitive price is our goal.

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